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Letter to Commr and Dir of Municipal Dept/ Minister - Best Social Municipal Corporations - Request - లోకం తీరు/ News
మిగతా లోకం తీరు కూడా చదివితే మీ సందేహాలకు జవాబులు లభిస్తాయి. ఇతరులతో ఈ ఆసక్తి కరమైన విషయాలను పంచుకోగలరు.
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Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration Dept, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Good Morning,

Salute to our great officers, who are providing valuable information/ suggestions and helping public in the corona difficult situation. Their free social media page updates are showing their hard work, love on the public and their staff and support to the Andhra Government plans and welfare programs.

We went through all social media web sites of Andhra Pradesh Municipal corporations. We found the following results, who are updating and giving valuable information about the programs of our Cheif Minister Sri Jagan.

We would like to see the social media pages for each city. These pages are useful to public and also journalists to write good articles to support our Andhra Government and individual Dept.

Our appeal to State, District and Corporation officials, Please support our Andhra Pradesh CM and CM public programs. Pleased update the information daily on each corporation social media website. Because some of the corporations are not updating social media. Here are our findings :


Please let us know if you have alternate links for each corporation, so that we can update our list. Please let us know if there are any mistakes also, we can correct it.

Please forward to the respective officials and make our Municipal Corporations great again.

Thank you so much for supporting public and Govt and their job. We appreciate that. Sorry for any mistakes and inconvenience. 

Better Govt, Better Results, Social Media Open Data, Happy Public.

Thanking you Sir,  
Author photo Sri, Telugu , 10 yrs Journalist/ Photo/ Video/ Edit/ Field/ Publish. 828 Foreign events/ places coverage, 610 General Articles, 46 Tatvaalu
Dt : 29-May-2020, Upd Dt : 29-May-2020, Category : Request
Views : 107 ( + More Social Media views ), Id : 573 , State : AP/ Telangana (Telugu) , Country : India
Tags : letter , commr dir , municipal dept , minister , best social media , municipalities , Corporations
Note : ఎవరు ఏ విషయాలు చెప్పినా, అది వారి వ్యక్తిగత అభిప్రాయమో లేక అనుభవమో లేక పెద్దల నుంచి విన్నవో. అందరూ ఏకీభవించాలని లేదు. మీ యోచనతో లేదా పెద్దల సలహాలతో, మంచి చెడు నిర్ణయించుకొనగలరు. Whatever you are reading here is their opinion or experience or heard from elders. Everyone may not agree. Please consult your elders and decide whether it is good or bad.
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